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Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman
Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a news media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker.
Sherman has received recognition for her role as an entrepreneur focused on women's issues, particularly women's role in the news media industry and their participation on the Internet.

Revisiting Twitter Advertising and Analytics

Revisiting Twitter Advertising and Analytics

With so much information glutting social media news feeds, getting your messages to stand out can be challenging. These days, the only way to guarantee that the right people see at least some of your content is to pay to advertise and boost your messaging on the social networks you use. While Facebook helped pioneer “social ads” with their targeting tool and ad creator, Twitter also offers several advertising options to get more attention for your tweets.

The main types of ads you can purchase on Twitter are:

Promoted Accounts - Use this type of ad to gain more followers.

Promoted Tweets - Use this type of ad to get more tweet engagement including favorites and clicks.

Twitter provides “objective-based ads” to help you get more specific about the results you’re looking for from your ads such as Followers, Website clicks or conversions, Tweet engagement, App installs or engagements and Leads. With Twitter advertising – like Facebook - you only pay for the actions that have been taken based on your campaign objective so if you choose to get leads, you pay a cost per lead that is variable based on a variety of criteria dictated by Twitter.

If you are looking to gain more Followers, you can select a Promoted Account ad and then target your audience. Twitter can serve your ad to your followers or a more tailored audience. You can narrow the audience using keywords or interests and zero in on a specific location. You can also specify gender – but not age. If you want to reach Twitter users who access Twitter using a specific device such as “only iOS users,” you can.

Promoted Accounts ads are priced on a Cost-per-Follow (CPF) basis, so you only pay when you gain a new follower.

If you’re looking for conversions to drive people from a tweet to your website, you can use a “Website Card” through a Conversion ad that shows users a preview image from your website, related context and a call to action in their timeline. The “card” can be used with conversion tracking so you can measure the path from a tweet engagement or impression to actual actions on your website such as a sign-up or purchase.

If it’s engagement you want, you can promote specific Tweets to a bigger, targeted group or create new tweets specifically for promotion using Engagement ads. Your tweets are clearly labeled as Promoted, but otherwise they look like regular Tweets in every other respect. Your Promoted Tweets can also be Re-tweeted, replied to, “favorited", etc.

Leader Generation Cards can be added to your Tweets to let users provide you with their email address within Twitter so you can capture leads for your business.

Each of Twitter’s advertising tools comes with analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your Twitter ad campaigns. Even if you are not advertising, you can access some basic analytics for your Twitter account. Your Analytics dashboard gives you an overview of the last 28 days including number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions and increase (or decrease) in followers. You can also see some “Tweet Highlights” including Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower, and Top Media Tweet – a tweet with a photo, video or Vine.

When advertising on Twitter or anywhere else online, make sure to anticipate the actions you want people to take and the path you will send them on to take those actions. Make the path as short as possible and the actions as simple as possible. Keep in mind that many people will be seeing your Twitter ad on their mobile phones so make sure they look great on a small screen and that the actions you specify can be performed on a phone. Then track your ad results and modify future ads based on what gets you the best results.

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