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Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a new media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker.
Sherman has received recognition for her role as an entrepreneur focused on women's issues, particularly women's role in the new media industry and their participation on the Internet.

Driving Traffic with Pinterest

Driving Traffic with Pinterest

If you’re looking to leverage a highly visual social network to drive traffic to a website, look no further than Pinterest. While Instagram is also a popular image-driven social network, you cannot create clickable links in your uploaded images so it is more about branding and community building while Pinterest is about linking and driving traffic and sales.

To market effectively using Pinterest, start with a strategy for the types of boards you will create and the types of pins you’ll add to those boards. Build boards with pins from your website that link directly back to specific pages. To use Pinterest well, also build boards with pins from popular websites or based around popular themes such as Food, Fashion, Fitness and Humor. Make sure to participate in Pinterest as well, Liking and Repinning other people’s pins.

If you own a pet-related business, build a board for each type of pet related to your business such as dogs, cats, fish and reptiles, but don’t stop there. Be creative, and add boards such as Pet Fashion, Pet Humor, and Pet Health.

If you sell pet products online, create boards dedicated to shopping and, if you carry enough products, break down boards by product category such as Pet Food and Pet Accessories. If you’re a dog groomer, make boards for each different dog breed then create a board that showcases before and after dog grooming photos taken of your clients’ dogs.

When building boards from your website, think of the places where you’d like to direct people such as:

  • Your online store and specific product pages.
  • Individual articles or blog posts.
  • A form to fill out.
  • A page with information about a contest to enter.

Don’t simply link people to your home page if it is not clear from there what you’d like people to do next.

The best way to create the pins for your boards that lead to your website is straight off of your site. Add the 'Pin It' button to your website or blog so that you – and anyone visiting your website – can easily pin off of individual pages as well as individual images.

Keep in mind that your images should be large enough to appear properly on Pinterest. You may need to revisit the images on your website and blog to ensure there is a larger version available to be pinned.

You can also upload images as pins directly to Pinterest to populate your boards. When you do this, the images will not contain a link to the source, but you can edit the individual pin to add a URL to a specific web page.

When you upload images, make sure you own all the rights to the image. Add a watermark or copyright text and photo credit directly onto the images you upload to demonstrate ownership. Add a clear message in the caption for the image such as “Contact us to request a dog grooming appointment,” then link directly to the Contact page on your website.

Make note of your web traffic logs on your site, blog or online store before you begin using Pinterest or before you employ a more focused Pinterest strategy. Over time, Pinterest should begin to appear as a strong referrer of traffic and potentially drive inquiries and sales.

Using Pinterest as a traffic driver requires using the visual network properly according to best practices. To be truly effective, you will need to be visible in the Pinterest stream. Each pinning session should include between 20-30 pins. While this may sound daunting, keep in mind that with a focus, pinning sessions shouldn’t take more than five to ten minutes.

Staying on task and not getting distracted by the pretty pins on Pinterest might be a challenge. Approach Pinterest as a strategic communications tool with a plan and even notes by your side to guide your pinning.

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