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Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a new media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker.
Sherman has received recognition for her role as an entrepreneur focused on women's issues, particularly women's role in the new media industry and their participation on the Internet.

Using Audio in Social Media

Using Audio in Social Media

With the increased demand for quality content for social media marketing, you should leverage different forms of content to attract more new customers. Audio can be a powerful form of content and a way to share your company’s story and build your brand.

The downloadable form of audio files or MP3s can be a convenient way to provide content that people can download to their mobile devices or MP3 players and listen anytime, anywhere. Audio can be used as a supplement to other types of content you publish online or used as the primary content, such as a podcast or audio show. Some ways you can use audio include:

  1. Introduction - Place an audio file on your website, blog or link it to your social networks instead of video.
  2. Training and Education - Instruction in the form of audio lessons can be used as stand-alone content or paired with text and visuals.
  3. Add-Ons - Add audio to your blog posts or link to audio files from your social media updates as an enhancement.
  4. Q&A - Take a talk show approach to convey relevant information to your following in the form of an interview.
  5. Audio Clips - Record and upload bits of live audio from events and presentations.

If you already use video but want to explore audio, export the audio directly from your videos using video editing software such as iMovie, audio editing software such as Audacity, or software specifically designed for the task such as the aptly named Audio Extractor.

If you’re investing in advertising in social media, explore purchasing audio ads on complementary podcasts as a way of reaching a wider audience. Depending on the popularity of the podcast, audio ads can be far less expensive than radio ads.

To add or share audio in your social networks, you need to use a compatible audio tool, preferably one that embeds a player for others to see with a visual cue to play: an obvious “Play” button. Look for an audio tool where you can record from their website or mobile app directly, but also one that lets you upload audio files that you’ve recorded in other ways. You’ll also get more out of an audio tool that has a corresponding mobile app for the convenience of recording straight from your phone or tablet.

Soundcloud - A powerful and popular audio recording and hosting tool, Soundcloud, describes itself as a “social sound platform.” In addition to a prominent visual embeddable audio player, you can easily share your audio to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare from the app. Soundcloud offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Audioboo - Record or upload audio and pair with images then share easily on popular social networks including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook (both personal timeline and Page), Twitter, Pinterest and by email. Audioboo also provides code for audio players. Audioboo offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Chirbit - Another tool for recording, uploading, and sharing audio is Chirbit, available on both the web and as an iOS app. Chirbit also provides a way to generate a QR Code for your audio file that you can use as a way for people to easily access and play your audio by scanning the code.

Using audio files as the destination for QR Codes is a clever idea. Audio is easier to consume on a smartphone than reading text and is less bandwidth-heavy than a video. If you’re using an audio tool other than Chirbit, generate a QR Code for any hosted audio file using the permanent link of the file and a QR Generator such as Scan or Kaywa.

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