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Business Information by Gladys Edmunds

Business Information by Gladys Edmunds
Gladys Edmundspacer pixel At age 15 Gladys developed a travel service that would prosper for more than 30 years. She is a national award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and columnist. Visit her at

Doubt Can Be a Small Business Motivator

Doubt Can Be a Small Business Motivator

Dear Gladys,

I am doing well in my construction company and don’t have any particular problems. But, according to my wife I will attract problems just because of my mindset. She says I live in doubt and I think of things that most likely will not happen. I know that there is a lot of talk about positive thinking and so forth. But, I can’t help but to have some doubts, even though my business is doing well, I still keep looking for the shoe to drop and something negative to happen.

Thanks – L. B.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have doubts. Sometimes having doubts can keep you on your toes. Doubt is the very thing that makes us double check to be certain that all the doors are locked and the stove has been turned off before we crawl into bed at night. So, doubt can keep harm or problems at bay.

On the other hand, there is the doubt that can defeat us and stir feelings of apprehension about our abilities and attack our self-confidence. This kind of doubt can be handled by having a sense of purpose and direction. We have to use our will to defeat it. Perseverance, determination, faith and trust in self are fueled by our sense of purpose. Or another way of putting it is – why we do what we do can become our driving force.

In other words, why did you get out of bed this morning? Was it because your business and employees were expecting you? Was it because you were hungry for breakfast, or a dog badly in need of its morning walk?

Any of the above reasons is certainly a motivating factor in getting out of bed, but what was the greater reason that caused you to rise and start another day? What do you feel an unending commitment to and a great passion for? Your ultimate purpose is that special something that is born of your determination and commitment. Figuring out, knowing, and living by your ultimate purpose will help you to overcome doubt and meet your goals in life.

Your purpose is your catalyst – that substance that increases the rate at which a chemical reaction takes place. Let’s look at the chemical makeup of water, H2O. If we were to combine two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, one would think that the result would be water. Not so! Something has to be added to the mix in order to produce that result. In the case of H2O, the catalyst is some form of energy that is a spark of fire. Compression of hot air or charge of electricity is necessary in order for the hydrogen and oxygen to produce water.

You say that you don’t maintain positive thoughts related to your business and yet you seem to be successful – now you should add the catalyst; the fire that will make it all flow for you. That fire is found in your purpose. When you can fuel your life with your reason for being, you will kick the doubt that is debilitating at every turn.

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